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Astro Tool Corp

Astro Tool Corp

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For many years, Astro Tool has been the leading name in connector service and assembly tooling.

As the world prepares to enter the 21st century, we at Astro are continually updating and adding to our product lines to meet the demanding complexities of today's market. Our engineering department is outfitted with the latest in computer aided design systems to aid in the design of new connector service systems. Our manufacturing facilities utilize state of the art computer numeric control machining centers that enable us to precisely produce more sophisticated tooling while holding ever tightening tolerances.

Astro has products, not only for military and aerospace programs, but also for other high tech fields such as computers, fiber optics and the medical industry. Astro is ready for the future.

When your job requires crimping tools, insertion and removal tools or connector service kits, please remember that Astro has the tools of your trade. All Astro products are made in the USA.


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