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Packet Digital designs, develops and markets advanced power management integrated circuits for portable electronic devices. By taking a real-time systems approach to power management, Packet Digital developed PowerSage®, a product family of intelligent integrated circuits that monitors an entire system and distributes power only when needed by using dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. Through this innovative approach, PowerSage components have extended battery life up to 400% in wireless sensors and greater than 25% on complex handset designs.

The PowerSage design is not tied to a specific application or architecture and has the ability to significantly improve the performance of systems in many applications, such as mobile phones, laptops, servers and communication and wireless devices. Additionally, PowerSage power management integrated circuits can replace multiple components, driving reductions in device cost, weight and size. On-Demand Power® technology has the ability to scale to all applications, from small electronic devices to the power grid. The system-wide real-time approach can be utilized in any system where intelligent dynamic power management can adjust power automatically with the instantaneous load.

Packet Digital, LLC was founded in 2003 as an engineering services company building products for other companies, including the Department of Defense, Corning and Crane. Packet Digital invested profits from contracts and federal grants into fundamental research on power management. The research generated our core intellectual property and technology which has been awarded seven United States patents. The effectiveness and elegance of our power management designs address a critical issue in portable electronics extending battery life. In 2008, Packet Digital changed its focus to a fabless semiconductor power management company. Today, Packet Digital is an emerging world leader in the design, development, and marketing of advanced power management solutions for portable electronic devices and embedded systems. With its patented On-Demand Power® technology and PowerSage® integrated circuits, Packet Digital extends battery life in portable electronic devices, helping consumer electronics companies and branches of the military develop faster, smarter, smaller products. Since every electronic design needs power management circuitry, PowerSage ports to any platform and scales to any architecture or application, from personal electronic devices to the power grid.


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