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SL Power

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SL Power Electronics designs, manufactures and markets internal and external power supplies for medical, communications, computer peripheral and industrial electronic OEMs.  The Company is a global leader in the development of AC/DC and DC/DC standard, modified and custom power supplies. The product offering includes a broad range of AC/DC and DC/DC open-frame switch mode and linear power supplies from 7 to 6000 watts marketed under the Condor brand name. In addition, SL Power has an external AC/DC switch mode power supply offering from 6 to 200 watts as well as transformers, battery chargers and DC mobile adapters marketed under the Ault brand name.

SL Power Electronics is the market leader in medical AC/DC power supplies. When medical OEMs need power, they turn to us. SL Power partners with the leading OEMs in the key segments of the medical electronics market including diagnostics, patient monitoring, devices and imaging.


SL Power Electronics is a subsidiary of SL Industries (AMEX-SLI). SL Industries, through its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and markets equipment and systems for industrial, medical, electric utility, aerospace and telecommunications applications.


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