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Sagrad designs and produces a variety of wireless products which include technologies such as 802.11 WiFi modules, phased arrays, frequency converters, UMTS RF systems, GSM, FM audio products and power amplifiers. Sagrad provides both standard products and engineering services to assist customers in rapidly developing products. In addition Sagrad’s Asian company can insure high volume production and worldwide competitive prices.

Sagrad is committed to the delivery of world class products that can be easily implemented into a wide range of products. Sagrad continues to develop cutting edge products that reduce the cost of Wi-Fi integration. Our staff has over 10 years’ experience in 802.11 and have contributed to the standard development.

Digi-Key is a proud distributor of Sagrad products. carries performance evaluation kits like the SG923-0002 to 802.11 WiFi modules from this supplier. In stock modules include the Kraken, (evaluation Kit available), Copperhead (evaluation kit ready), Diamond Back LGA Module (low cost), and the Coral Small Connector (easy to change module).

Sagrad is a worldwide supplier of wireless products. Our resources include a US based design team; US based manufacturing, and an Asia office for low cost sourcing. Our corporate headquarters is located in Melbourne Florida. We have been in business since August of 2004.



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