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Signal Transformer

Signal Transformer

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Signal Transformer offers a comprehensive line of world-class, off-the-shelf transformers, components, and inductors. We lead the 50-60 Hz transformer market in terms of sales, breadth of line, and inventory. Choose from printed-circuit (PC) and chassis-mount versions in a wide variety of domestic and international configurations. If you need a custom design, we'll help identify your requirements and develop the magnetics to meet your specific needs. 

Printed-Circuit Mount: Ideal for a multitude of board-level power applications. Available in low-power/height-critical, split-bobbin, miniature, inherently/non-inherently limited, and triple-output versions.

Chassis Mount: Easy-to-use transformers offering economical, yet safe and effective packaging. Available in split-bobbin, inherently/non-inherently limited, and triple-output versions, and in power ranges from 2.4 VA to 3500 VA. UL, VDE, and CSA certified.

Supplemental Magnetics: Our conventional, rectifier power transformers, filter and dual chokes, step-up/step-down power isolation magnetics, and step-down auto transformers provide convenient adaptability with worldwide applications


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